About Us

We are, at heart, designers who have a passion for creating legacy properties for our clients. Our success is owed to the interpersonal relationships that are the essence of our business philosophy. At the core of our practice is a strong dedication to providing the best possible service to our clients. We have learned that to do this we must nurture strong relationships. Doing so enables us to better know and therefore better serve our clients and colleagues alike.

Our devotion and commitment to integrity and successful relationships runs consistently throughout our organization. We nurture an atmosphere of collaboration that seamlessly incorporates all levels of professional experience, while honoring the convergent disciplines of Architecture, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design and Construction Management. It is our goal to cultivate an environment where all aspects of development are incorporated into the design and construction process.

Each neighborhood and residence is holistically designed to have a timeless and enduring quality. This does not necessarily translate to a traditional design. Regardless of style or vernacular, a well thought out design will survive changes in society and remain functionally attractive for an indefinite time.

The last twenty plus years of hands-on experience have served us well in leading us to the forefront of neighborhood design, development and construction. Your experience with us either has or will convince you that we at Hermes Group strive for perfection in design and in service.